Three blog post ideas for fashion boutiques

A few months ago, I offered up some blog post tips for indie record labels…now I’d like to turn my attention on fashion boutiques.

As a former fashion blogger for MissCouqinesUK (online boutique) and Search Insights (e-commerce digital marketing agency), I’ve conceptualised and written various posts, ranging from the latest trends (featuring celebrities) and reporting the essential wardrobe pieces, to summing up fashion industry news and interviewing fashion experts.

Whilst all of the above topics make effective blog posts, I would like to scratch the surface and offer up some innovative ways to keep your loyal customers…and generate new ones!


fashion blog post pic review

 Reviews and tips:

This is the perfect opportunity to turn the spotlight over to your customers to review a particular product or share some outfit advice to fellow buyers, using one of your products.

So how do you tackle this? The review doesn’t have to be anything lengthy. The critique can be put into bullet points, outlining three good and constructive points of your product with accompanied pictures.

This idea is a great way to give customers the platform and the power to express their opinions. You’ll be amazed what this could do for your clout factor… this perfectly leads onto the next point neatly…


Make your customers the star of the show 

Featuring customers who purchase your products in a style guide (rather than celebrities) is definitely a no-brainer as this option will strengthen their loyalty of your brand.

This idea could be a full-length pictorial with content explaining the multiple ways of wearing the same garment (e.g. three ways to wear a full-length skirt.)

There’s no denying that everyone (well, most people) feel good in the latest trends, so featuring seasonal clothes maybe the obvious choice. However, there is another way: consider including classic pieces from your site as they are easy to accessorize into the latest trends, thus generating more style ideas and solutions than seasonal items.


Include interesting facts about your products 

This idea is particularly great if you also sell skin care or cosmetics as you can create engaging listicles of the weird and wonderful facts on the ingredients. It’s also a great tactic to increase sales and also maintain your top place as a beauty guru.

This option can also be applied to clothing e.g. outlining the benefits of fabrics for a particular season…and that’s just the very beginning!

From the above examples, you see that it wouldn’t hurt giving your customers the limelight now and then: the more interactive your blogs, you more they’ll come back for more!

If you find this post useful, please spread the love and share!


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