Product description packages for small ecommerce sites

Do you have a new online store that needs some fancy words for your products? Or maybe your store is up and running but you just need descriptions for your new line of products – and not just any description – you need words that pull in your loyal and potential customers.

Well, you’re in the right place as I provide packages that won’t break the bank. With experience in writing product descriptions for a wedding accessories online store and a hotel comparison site, I can produce succinct pieces, providing useful information for your customers.


X 20 50-100 word descriptions = from £100*

X 50 50-100 word descriptions = from £250*

X 100 50-100 word descriptions = from £500*

*prices based on basic information provided.

If you have a different word count in mind or you have any other questions about these packages, head over to the contact page and enquire today!


Four blog post ideas for indie record labels

In this post, I’ll be giving quick burst of ideas to owners of indie record labels who are looking to start a blog along with their website or seeking inspiration for upcoming blog posts.

If you’re from a different industry, don’t shoot off just yet; stick around. Maybe you might get something out of this exercise too.


Sounds like a plan? Great! If you’re toying with this option, try to make your blog interactive as possible – you may have several designs for a T-shirt but having a hard time choosing THE ONE. Don’t muddle through on your own – get your targeted audience involved! Set up a poll, showcasing five or six of your best designs.  You can also use this method to give your loyal cheerleaders the opportunity to design their own logo on a T-shirt – and maybe their design could be part of your merchandise (with your permission of course) – just a thought!


If you’ve signed multiple artists, blog posts are perfect for introducing the new recruits. With the power of social media, it will build a connection with existing fans and also draw in new ones by promoting the posts in specialise groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Is it tacky to overtly promote artists’ achievements?  Of course not! Whenever your artist is featured on a reputable music magazine – for example Complex or Time magazine – why not shout about it! It goes without saying that fans love seeing their favourite artists dominating the double spreads – again, it keeps that special connection alive.


 If you’re running low on blog ideas, playlists are a great way to fill the gap….and the perfect way for your dedicated followers to further invest in your artists.

So where to start with these playlists? Well you can build up lists of songs on the happier times – birthdays, weddings, the festive season, etc. You may want to tap into playlists covering common issues, such as depression or maybe surviving an illness, such as cancer.

To take this idea to another level, it’s worth investing in a national day/week calendar and discover less known occasions.

I REALLY hope that somewhere in the above information, has sparked a flood of fresh material for blog posts…and if that’s the case, I would love to know – so please comment below and… if you don’t mind, share this post!

New Blog Posts For SMEs coming soon…

It’s been awhile, but I promise you: change is coming in a MASSIVE WAY!

Over the next coming months, I’ll be giving pointers on how to generate a long list of ideas for blog posts.

So if you manage an indie record label or an online fashion boutique, it’s worth signing up to receive these useful tips…SMEs from other industries: I STRONGLY encourage you to stick around.

Also special offers/packages are on the horizon for anyone who needs multiple product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

That’s it for now and I sincerely hope you guys will find the forthcoming posts very useful.

In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning the above information, don’t be afraid to contact me or leave a comment below.

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At last! Blog post packages for all small businesses

Whether you have a new or established website, creating weekly or monthly  blog posts that truly speaks to your targeted audience, is not easy –  and that’s  putting it mildly –  and  there’s the matter of spending hours sourcing accompanied images AND then promoting the content on social  media – headache!

Would it be great if there’s a such service that takes care of all of the above ? Well, It’s no longer a pipe dream as I offer blog post packages, designed to take away that ongoing stress that keeps you up at night. There’s something else that will help you sleep easy – as these are trial packages, you won’t be committed to a lengthy contract.

All-in-One Package

What does it include?
Consultancy/suggestions for blog posts
5 blog posts (up to 500 words);
5 sourced pictures (1 per post);
A share (for each post) on Twitter, Google + and relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Price: £290.00

Social media  and images sorted? No worries, have a look at the Standard Blog Post Package:

What does it include?
Consultancy/suggestions for blog posts
5 blog posts (up to 500 words);
Price: £240

Have the ideas, but not the words? Well have a look at the Just Words Package:

What does it include?
5 blog posts (up to 500 words)
Price: £150
Please note: this package does not include consultancy/suggestions for blog post and social media service.

I completely understand that each business is different and these packages may not suit your little empire – but don’t lose heart – I’m more than happy to compile a tailor-made package for you to test out. Please make contact here, detailing your specific needs.




Unsigned artists: boost your online presence with a PR and distribution package

rock star in crowd

NEW MUSICIANS: looking to promote your latest release with a well-connected insider? Well this new PR and distribution package will sure boost your online presence!



During that period:

A press release (up to 300 words)  will be sent to an extensive distribution list, containing UK and US online music magazines and blogs  with at least two placements guaranteed!

Two follow-up emails will be sent after the initial distribution, to targeted publications (if no response.)

After the campaign, you will receive a mini report of the coverage gained from online publications…and that’s it!


I’m a seasoned music writer and reviewer boosting connections with various online UK and US music publications. In 2012, I started NEW LEASE MUSIC to give new and unsigned artists a platform to showcase their work. Through being featured on the blog, a string of musicians have been recognised for their hard work. Here are some of the achievements:

UK folk band, House Above The Sun, was invited to perform a live session for Croydon Radio station in London.

South African rapper Wunda’s single, We On! topped the South African Emerging Top 20 charts after his exclusive interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC.

As part of this package, you’ll be featured on my blog NEW LEASE MUSIC for absolutely FREE!!!!


Excellent!  To produce the press release, please send over any relevant information relating to your latest project. This could be:

* Background info ( e.g. when your interest in music started);
* Names of any band(s) you were in;
* Names of venues you played in;
* Any past coverage from online and offline publications;
* Dates of your latest song or album.

Most importantly, please send links of your music (preferably SoundCloud, Bandcamp or YouTube.)

Alternatively, if you would like more information on this package, please get in touch!

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